Vyncent Wit


Vync was a young Mi'qote boy who grew up abandoned by his parents at a very young age in Ul'dah. He was sent to an outer church for the paladins at the age of six and was trained day in and day out. As the youngest ever paladin to be sent to the Holy church on the outskirts of Ishgard, at the age of 13 he became a well decorated captain and was appointed his own squadron. After he had proven himself in many different battles, was one of the only 3 members appointed the title "Warlord" and was the highest decorated officer in the entire church. After he'd turned 20, Vync was betrayed by the very same people that he'd devoted his life to, bleeding out and left for dead he lay watching his own squad get murdered by a few high ranking members of the church. The attackers then set a curse of darkness on Vync as he lay dying, giving him the curse of blood, the curse took over his left eye and turned the white in them into pitch black and his pupil is a permenant flame that grows in size and differs in color as his mood changes. He became ashamed of his eye after the curse and keeps a cover over his face to hide it. ( Don't worry, the enhanced vision he gets from the eye allows him to see through the cover ). He then decided to lay low and take on the role of an assassin and devoting his life to taking revenge on the Church for what they had put him through. shortly after climbing the ranks of the Assassins guild, he was appointed as one of the only two S+ rank assassins currently employed at the guild and continues his travels alone.


  • Extremely High Battle IQ

  • Control over fire

  • Shadow Magic

  • Blood magic

  • Proficient with Dual knives and Greatswords

  • Ability to see very well in the dark due to his curse.


Not much is known about Vync's family outside of his parents who were companions of the party who stopped the calamity at the summoning of the first moon mage. His mother, Lilith, was a white mage who met Vync's father, Menox, who was a high proficient Warrior, while traveling with a mage group to fight against the rise of the first awakening of the Darkness.